Styx Valley

The Styx Valley, located in Tasmania's south-west is home to pristine old growth forests, a wild river, incredible mountain ranges, and the tallest hardwood trees in the world, Eucalyptus regnans, which can grow to over 90 metres. Over the last few years, the ancient forests of the Styx have gained widespread international recognition.

In 2004, Gandalf's Staff, a Styx giant, was home to the worlds highest tree sit. The Global Rescue Station. which formed part of a Greenpeace and Wilderness Society joint action. In 2006, forest defender Peter (Peck) Firth spent an incredible 51 days up a giant E. regnans in the snow and the rain to protest against the wholesale destruction of these ancient ecosystems. Despite promises from John Howard in the lead up to the last federal election, the unique  forests of the Styx Valley are still being ripped apart by industrial scale logging practices.